Just Wait

Kelsey Gingerich
February 16, 2017

We were planning on a casual day and easy going date night in, and that’s what we got. What we hadn’t bargained for was that the day before we got a whole lot of clarity and direction that we had been hoping and praying for… best Valentine’s gift ever.

Let me rewind. If you follow me on instagram, you probably saw what I posted about this having been a pretty rocky 6 months for us. Not for our marriage thankfully, but just life in general. It began with my dear Grandfather passing in August, then our boat (home) got hauled out of the water and turned into a much larger project than either of us anticipated. Both of us changed/added jobs. Both of us have been stressed. Both of us have seasonal depression. Both of us have been desperately searching for God’s next step for us, with not a whole lot of audible guidance. So many frustrated tears have been shed (on my part) countless prayers prayed, and numerous brain storming sessions, with little to show for it. Needless to say we have felt discouraged and lost.

Until the last few weeks. God’s voice is being heard, prayers are being answered, and we are learning a hard lesson in patience and perseverance. Without sharing too many details, one of my long time ambitions is in the works. Hugh is taking a position that is  p e r f e c t  for him. The boat is nearing completion, and all in all the future is looking a little brighter.  I know this all sounds a little vague; the point is that sometimes it’s only when things start to turn around do we realize that God was working all along. Even when we believed he was silent towards us, he was making us wait for greater things. We still don’t understand why it’s taken this long (let’s be real in the scheme of things its more like 5 minutes) but we trust that He had a reason for it.

So as ready as I am to put this season behind us, I’m doing my best to find the good parts about it, and thank God that I got to go through it with my favorite person. Let me tell you, choose someone who you want to be with even when you hate everyone and everything. Find that person that you can face difficult, confusing, annoying times with because unfortunately life is made up of a LOT of those. If you’re already married and these words resonate with you, guard your heart against bitterness and discontent (trust me these are hard for me). In everything, assume the best in your spouse and know that if it’s this difficult for you, it’s at least as hard for them.

Celebrate small things. Cook a nice dinner and sip on your favorite wine and talk about something other than the frustrations. Remember your dreams and goals because God has certainly not forgotten about them, and just because they’re not happening right now doesn’t mean they’re not meant to. Things can turn around when you least expect them to, and you’ve gotta be ready to accept them with open arms and an expectant heart.

Here’s some shots I took of our day at the beach on the 14th.